READ THIS FIRST! (12/15/2016)

Hey guys,

I want to first thank you for visiting my page. I am beyond grateful that you even got this far.

This is my blog...my open diary...my thoughts, my opinions, my lessons, my pain, my happiness... my life. I have decided to share this with hopes to change someone's life for the better. My stories are very raw and pure. I want you to be able to find a piece of yourself in them.

My main focus as of right now will be about love. I want people to be able to love freely and openly without fear. Without fear of rejection, or getting hurt. Love CANNOT exist with fear.

Most of the stories and poetic thoughts are from the past year. I will try to have them in chronological order, but most of it is intertwined. I will continue to share my stories as time goes on.

Now, I never called myself a writer. This is something very new for me. I have a very unorthodox way of writing. I write how I talk and I am a bit country and ghetto at times, but it's okay. LOL. Just hang in there with me.

Love always,

Miikarra B.

P.S. You should start from the bottom of the Open Diary and work your way up.